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How To Design Eye-Catching Business Cards

How many business cards do you hand out on any given day, any week, any month? The real quadrillion isn’t how many you give out though is it, the real question is how many are getting results.

It can be a tough challenge to design and order the best business cards for your needs, but the end results are well worth it. Your business card is often your first contact and potentially your most lasting one with a new lead.

Its vital that it stands out from the rest, provide enough information to be useful, and most of all, be cost effective for you and your business to be able to produce in enough quantities so you always have a ready supply.

Having the perfect business card can mean the difference between increased conversion from contacts and being just another card in someone’s card file. Everything about your design has to be perfect from the graphics and images that you choose to the colors and even the placement of elements.

Using a traditional print shop doesn't give you the kind of freedom that you need to sandbox your design until its perfect, and trying to print business cards yourself in the office never provides the results that you really want, and can get expensive over time.

When you choose to use an online business card design and print service you can take your time and build the perfect business cards for you and your team. Play with colors, switch out graphics, and even print test proofs right at your desk in many cases.

You can work up several designs, save them and then after talking with your team members and marketing people choose the ones that will have the best impact on your business building and brand recognition efforts. There are no shortage of great online business card services, so choose the one that feels right for you.

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